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labor units "at complete" not increasing ?

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Johnny Pain
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hi everyone,


I'm quite sure this question already popped, but I can't really find what I'm looking for.


for each of our projects, we need P6 to calculate an actual amount of actual labor units for each task in the project BUT we need to enter a % for the tasks progress.

so we came up with setting each task with "duration %", but entering a % every day for the tasks needing it (instead of a remaining or actual duration like expected).

an excel export after a schedule gives us the scheduled pct, as well as the actual labor units, so we can compare both of them to give a precise progress to the client.




if a task starts some day at say 25%, and goes on for days while not getting any progress, the "at complete" value only auto updates in the "duration" section but not in the "labor units" section (shouldn't this be increasing too ?).


until today, we compared base work qty to actual labor units so we always had the same total : easiest way to compare, but we couldn't tell the amount of "ghost" hours when a tasks takes more time than expected.

I know in our field noone can tell, when a tasks takes more time, if :

- 12 people are working on it and budget is diminishing by the day or

- the thing is left to die without anyone working on it until someone remembers to finish


but what would be the easiest way to include these ghost hours to our actual method ?



thanks to everyone who read this bunch of almost english crap