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How to Update a Baseline with Current Actuals/Progress

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Edniel Recamadas
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Dear PP'ers,

I've been involved recently at ongoing buildings project (now in 7th month of a 1.5 year contract) and when I compare the update using the Claim Digger in P6 there have been a lot of changes done by the previous planner on the updated schedule.

What's the best way (most reliable) to update the baseline using the current actuals/progress.

Thanks for the assistance,



Rockzy Sales
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I think what he wanted is to Revise the Baseline reflecting the actuals and logic changes


Will making your updated schedule as your new baseline be different from what you wanted? A little work around to make your planned dates = current dates and make it your new baseline or revised baseline?



the Rock

Raymund de Laza
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Hi Edniel,

Attach the Baseline Schedule to the Updated Schedule. On the Manage baseline window click on Update then work out on the data you wish to update into the baseline from Updated.


Hope this will help you.



Mike Testro
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Hi Edniel

In Asta Power Project it is possible to set all progress data to zero and get back to the original programme - then start again.

Is this not possible in P6?

Best regards

Mike Testro

Damian Smith
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The baseline is the baseline and needs to stay as the baseline. What you need to do is update a copy of the baseline and call it a progressed programme.

If you have got the actual start and finish dates, then update the progressed programme with this information and compare it to the baseline.

If there has been numerous changes and the plan does not reflect what is actually going to happen from this point onward (ie wildy out of control), then perhaps ask the client or PM and tell them that you want to submit a new updated baseline. This new baseline will still have progressed information on it, ie what has happened, but maybe you can re sequence the job and or add new information and start from fresh. (this is last resort though)

Otherwise, you could just change / update the progressed progrmame to reflect what is happening in the real world.