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Change of Budgeted Units / times Resources

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Haresh Jayanth
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i have notice now , that primavera automatically calculates the budgeted units / time as equal to 1 , whenever i assign a resource to an activity....accordingly it calculates the Budgeted units...For eg if an activity is having 6 days duration , budgeted units taken by primavera is 6etc......

My earlier settings, was that , it calculates Budgeted units...whenever i assign a resource is as given below i.e.

Budget units = 8hrs (working hours per day) X duration of the activity.....

I want to return back to my earlier settings , can anyone guide me , how do i return back to my earlier settings???



Haresh Jayanth


Rodel Marasigan
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The settings that controls the default unit/time of resource is under Resource-> Detail tab. Change Default Unit/Time of the resource use to 8.00/d.

Note: Planning unit setting control the unit/time. Under Users Preferences-> Time Units tab-> Unit Format. If hour is selected then Default unit/time = 8.00/d, if day is selected then 1.00/d