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How to show Suspended activity more than one time

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Haresh Jayanth
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Suppose , if the activity is suspended more than once , how i can reflect the same using suspend activity option. In p3.1 , we can show only one time , how about in P6, is there any solution for the same.....


Rafael Davila
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Our experience with P3 was that it was very bad at tracking period performance, hard or even impossible to edit, even the trick of using negative entries to the last period was too crude. Better start considering other software more up to date where you can edit multiple individual actuals to the minute and to the cent or equivalent fraction of an Euro. You can say anything about the future but lying about the past will come to the surface at the blink of an eye in a court claim.

For future suspension(s), when known it will happen, the correct way is to model this by splitting the activity into various separate activities and allow CPM logic and resource leveling algorithms drive them as CPM is not always driven only by calendars, very frequently by limitations on resource availability, let CPM show all related metrics for each split. Remember that each split shall have its own resource allocation, its own float, its own duration, ES, EF, LS, LF, costs and so on, take time to explain the other side schedules are dynamic and continuously must be adjusted, if there is need for a split then let it be. Suspension functionality is intended for when it is/was unforeseen, if expected because of changed conditions or even because of a change in plans then the correct way is to split the activity. Rashid got it right.

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Rashid Iqbal
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Why not cut the activity ????

Rodel Marasigan
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Suspend and Resume in P3.1 and P6 are the same. You can only suspend an activity already started and enter the estimated resume date. After resume date become actual you can suspend again the activity. If multiple suspended plans are require then you need to define a calendar with non working period as suspended period.