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How to Auto-calculate Duration form Activity with more than 1 resources loaded

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Mahisha M. Reno
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Good day everone, currently i am developing a P6 schedule with auto-calculated duration based on the budgeted qty loaded to certain activities. the activities duration type is fixed unit / time

There are some activities assigned with 2 resources, and both resources are driving the duration of the activity. (previously i dont have a problem with the activity which assigned with only 1 resource)

the idea is like this, I expect P6 could calculate the duration of the activities based on only 1 resource which assigned to the activities, and the other resource load will be spreaded based on the duration calculated from the budget unit of the 1st resource.

for example, on the highlighted activities on teh picture bellow, "spool installation" has Dia-Inch qty & spool EA qty budget to complete (i use this as the remaining quantities for the works that need to be completed)


When the budget unit asigned, Dia-Ins = 12831 Dia (with budgeted unit/time : 273/d) and Spools - EA = 1128 (without define spesific unit/time, so P6 gave the default number), the activity's duration calculated based on both remaining budget qty and budgeted unit/time.

What i hope is, the duration is calculated only from the budgeted Dia-Ins, and the spools - EA production's qty spread will follow the duration. If we go to the resource assignment spread bellow,


The dia-inc are completed on 5 Jun 15, and the spool goes to 25 Jul 15.


My question is, can we use the driver of the duration of fixed unit/time activities with only from "dia-Inch" resources? instead of claculate both resources which assigned to the activities?




Zoltan Palffy
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make sure that the activity type is resource dependent this will use the resource with the largest mamhours or units to determine the duration.