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One activity code with more than on code value - P6 v7

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Miguel Costa
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It's possible to have one activity code with two or more code values.


Example - In Activity code "REAL" you have the following codes values






 For a particular activity you want to assign the activity code “Real” with the codes values of a1 and a2. For another activity you just want to assign it with code value a1.


This is possible to do in P6 V7?





Anning Sofi
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Hi Miguel,

For a given set of code values, one code can only be assigned to the activity.

Your intention was:

Activity AAAAA (for example) = assign code REAL values a1, a2.

This is not possible; either you assign one or the other only; which means code REAL = a1, or code REAL =a2;


If you really need to have a code similar to REAL with your other code value, my suggesstion would be to replicate the code values of REAL to another code set, and then assign  the other code value to the activity.





mimoune djouallah
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this not possible in any software, the code itseself should be unique, in your case you have to define another activity code beside real.