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P6 shows links to baseline bars, not the open project’s

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Adrian Archer
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Apologies if this issue has been raised before but with the PP search engine still down, I can’t find a ready-made answer.

Has anyone found that P6.0 will display relationship lines amongst the baseline bars and milestones instead of the open project’s bars and milestones? I can’t find an option to force P6.0 to show relationships amongst the open project/s if I’m displaying any type of baseline as well.

I’ve found that any Gantt chart view options that include one or both of the primary baseline bars and primary baseline milestones will attract the relationship lines away from the open project bars and milestones.

The same happens for project, secondary and tertiary baselines.

It’s very, very irritating but I can’t find a means to lure the lines back to the open project’s activities when displaying baselines.

Any ideas out there?

Many thanks,



suru kadam
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Hello guysss am working with interiors comany and please tell me how i give the relationship to activity i min how do i study on it

It's a interior I'D work ..........

Tom Hadley
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Great thanks saved me so much angst worth belonging to PP just for that :-)

John Goulden
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Thanks - it’s irritated the life out of me for the last 6 months
Adrian Archer
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Aha! I had tried reordering the bars but must have left a baseline’s row higher than a current row somewhere, hence failing to shift the links. Now it’s spot-on.

Very much obliged for your continued support,

Ian Nicholson
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You need to make sure that the bars are in the correct order. If the baseline bar is listed before the current bar, it will draw the relationship on the baseline bar. Use the up and down arrows to change the order.

Strangely enough, some of the standard layouts have the bars in the wrong order and you don’t notice until you turn on the baseline.