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P6 - Baseline Bar disappear

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Pramod K
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I am using P6 (tried this issue on 6.1 and 6.2). When I have a baseline bar and a current bar and i add a notebook item to an activity, the baseline bar suddenly disappears. When i delete the notebook activity, the baseline bar re-appears. Checked with customer support but they dont have a solution either. Am I doing something wrong? I am surprised that I am (somehow) the first person experiencing this problem or perhaps reporting the problem!! Anyways, I will appreciate any help/feedback/solution to this problem.


Arnold Puy
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Hi Prem,

First of all welcome to Planning Planet.

If you added the Notebook in the "Current Bar" then you need to adjust the Row, instead of 1 change to 2.

The other way is to add the Notebook to your Baseline Bar.

Hope this helps.