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Baseline Bars in P6, moving Secondary Bar only

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James Braghini
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Now that I can see the Primary and Sceondary Baseline Bars, I cannot get them to update seperately. I move the data date and both the Primary and Secondary keep moving together. I only want the Secondary bar to reflect the new data date. I’m wanting to do what we did in P3 with Target Bars, where Target 1 would not move and Target 2 would move when I put check marks in the two boxes at the bottom.

The P6 manaul does not explain how to did this in simple terms for us to understand.

Can someone give me a simple soultion to this?

James B.


Ali Farhat
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did you assign your baselines? after maintaining a baseline in the "maintain baseline" option you should assign them to your schedule in the "assign baseline" option.