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Justification to get a license of Primavera v6

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Raul Santos
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If you are requested to justify the purchase of Primavera v6, what are things that you would put? How would you write them (those justifications)?

Thank you in advance for your kind responses.


You shall create a list of required functionality, then estimate if necessary functions are supported by different software packages. If P6 supports more required functions than any other package then it is your choice.
Don’t forget to check if announced functionality is really working.
jeoffrey reyes
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Hi Raul,

Indeed, it is not easy to convince one person without seeing the output of the product. Your Top management perhaps doesn’t want to venture to a software package that they don’t know what will be the benefit to the company. If you alone will justify the necessity of the program, well, you might missed some points on the functionality of the program. I would rather suggest contact the software representative to give a demo to your top management for them to give the overview of what the software package can do for your company.

Rafael Davila
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Because of your question for justifications for a specific software it seems to me you have not done your assignment, I would not dare to recommend something I do not know. Be ready to support your recommendation or your position might be in jeopardy if latter on it proves the software does not fit your organization, many might hate it and therefore will hate you if you make the wrong choice.

Ask for demo versions of several packages, learn to use them and then compare what they offer to the need of your organization. Blindly recommending something can backfire. I would be skeptical of any software vendor that is not willing to provide me with a demo version. Make it a group decision unless you are an expert with the software.

If you make the wrong recommendation you might be subject to several responses, make sure they are not limited to decapitation, castration or running, eventually someone will catch you.

Some software are scalable so you do not have to invest thousands on your first license, then you can upgrade if it fits. I would start with a truly scalable solution after selecting from the demo versions. Yes sophisticated software takes time to master, your final decision shall not be in a hurry, beware that at some point you will be over the “point of no return”.
Scarllet Pimpernel
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hello Raul,

You need to go to the process of procurement:

Tender Document:

then you have to call for tender: at least you must have three tenderers,

MS Project, SMART Project Management, Primavera v.6.

Since it is already a foregone conclusion of go with Primavera,

Then, in your tender report, you better demolish the other software in such a way that the other software looks like for children only while the Primavera v6 is simply the best for Professional Planning Engineer.

I just trying to help you do your job in a simple, easy and smart way.