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Paul Spice
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Joined: 1 Jun 2001
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Is there a way in P3 to have a task scheduled by saying, "Start date of this task is finish-start to when the first two of the following five tasks have been completed?"

This is required for production logic when step two of a process requires two batches of intermediate product from 5 batch plants. The 5 batch plants are independent, so the second process can start when any two are complete.


Paul Spice
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Joined: 1 Jun 2001
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Dear James,
Thats what Im doing now, physically checking the pred start dates and linking the succs manually to the first two.
I think thats the only way, thanks,
Hi Paul,

I seem to remember having asked P3 about this one a while back. They had no real answer that could solve the problem, other than by some means of regular "physical" checking of the network, and by adding a logic link at the appropriate time.

Sorry, its not the answer your looking for.

Paul Spice
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Hi Ali,

That is a good idea, but will only work when two activities are 100% complete. How do I link them for forecasting, which means when the first two are scheduled to be completed, the "A" can proceed?

If B,C,D, or E early starts change due to updatiing how can "A" link itself to the first two of them in early start sequence?
Ali Hamouda
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As I understand , you have a Conditioned Link.

Suppose activities B,C,D,E,F two of them need to be linked to activity A Just when any two of them has been completed.

To translate the upmentioned statement into Logic fomula:

1-First of all export your program to excel format.the format should have at least the fields"ID,percent progres,Predecessor"

2-in the field of the predecessor you will write for each of the five activities the fomula with if statment"IF %Progress=100 Predecessor=FS".

3-you will need to know how to link Exel files to Primavera.othrewise you will import the file back again to P3 each time you update your progress.