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retaind logic ad progrss override logic

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ashraf alawady
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Dear all,


please advice me clearly about the defferace between the retaied logic and progress override logic ad when we have to use each one.


Muhammad Aqeel
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Dear Ashraf,


I try to explain you with good attached file and ithinkg this will much help you please let me know if you still need help reagrding this topic... please do not hesitate to send me a mail (

I too thought so initially about retained logic concept..U cleared my doubt....but i was curios to know as why  this progress override option is available to use...coz if a schedule is not retaining the logic and predeccesor will finish after completion of successor,then what is the use of preparing a logical schedule with relationships.

Progress override assumes that if an activity begins out of sequence, the original logic is no longer valid, and deletes predecessor logic ties once an activity has begun. This avoids the sequencing problems sometimes found in retained logic, but can delete logic ties that should not be deleted, producing a project duration that may be unreasonably short and float values may not be correct.

Rafael Davila
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Beware that most cheap software will require you to perform a schedule run to identify on the schedule report the occurrences of out of sequence, this can be quite a burden on large jobs or portfolios with many large jobs that interact with each other, their approach is very rudimentary. Other more advanced software software will provide you with better means to identify the occurrence without need to perform a schedule run, also these will allow you to filter for the out of sequence events.