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Project Calendar in Word Document - P6

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Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hi All,


I would like to show the Project Calnedar of P6 in a word file so as to show the off days considered and what cut off dates are considered.

Is there a Way to do that.





Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hello All,


Thanks a Lot for your cumments and suggestion, that would help me address that requirement.



Warm Regards


Rafael Davila
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The following approach is primitieve, not good to compare different schedule versions to certify there are no hidden changes among the updates. A single calendar might have a lot of details hidden in such worksheet. Maybe I am missing something and you are referring to something better.

How to Print a Calendar from Primavera P6, with some help

To show all calendars a table will do it. Click the thumbnails for a full size view of the images.



To show all calendar exceptions details a table will do it.


Easy, some calendar exceptions have regular recurring periods other are unique.

Zoltan Palffy
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you can do that with xer reader that uses the xer files and excel to do this. 



Santosh Bhat
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The feature to Print Calendars was a well-loved feature of Primavera P3. When Primavera bought the software that is now P6, there was no option to print off calendars. I'm not sure how many users requested this feature - many I guess. But for whatever reason, Oracle have never felt this was something worth doing - I recall being in a customer advisory panel, when a very senior representative of the software company responsed to that request with "why would you want to do that?".

Rodel's suggestion is the best - either screenclip each month and paste in but the issue that you won't get a count of workdays within P6. Use a 3rd party tool if you need this - I use XER Schedule Toolkit myself. 

Rodel Marasigan
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The only way to do it is to take a snap shot of the Project calendar and paste it in word as image or you can manually define it in word. Otherwise you need a 3rd party software like Xer/ P6 Reader such as xer toolkit which had function of getting the calendar details of the project.