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Primavera - Calendar Export

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Jithin Kambhikanam
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Hi All,


Just wanted to know when we Export a Project will the Project Calendar also be exported with it. 


If not how can we export the Project calendar, either with the Project or Individually.





Santosh Bhat
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If you export to an XER file, the XER will contain any calendar that is being used by project, this includes:

  • Project Calendars assigned to activities
  • Global Calendars assigned to activities
  • Resource Calendars assigned to any resources
  • Global Calendars that are referenced by Project Calendars in the "Inherit from" option

Conversely, any project calendar or global calendar that is not assigned to an activity will not be included in the XER file.

There's no way to export calendars individually other than by creating them in an XER file.

Zoltan Palffy
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whatever calendar are being used for the activites will be exported along with ethe project. I would recommend using project calendars instead of global calendars. 

Individual calendars can not be exported.