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Information Schedule for facade/curtain walls

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Danya Pearce
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Hi All

Does anyone have a list of the information required from the engineer (for the contractor) for a facade or curtain wall they can help me with? Does the architect do one as well?

I assume its a specialist contractor who will do the design as well?





Mike Testro
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Hi Danya

There are usually two types of curtain wall.

One that can be installed as the building goes up.

One that has to wait until it reaches the top and then starts.

Everything depends on the method of horizontal and vertical alignment and the method of accomodating tolerances in the supporting structure.

There will usually be a secondary steel structure to take out the tolerances then the primary cladding support.

Don't expect the architect or engineer to tell you any of this - the main contractor should know what to do with the help of the cladding contractor.

Best regards

Mike T.