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Comparison Between Baseline Program & Revised target program

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Dear Friends,

I am working in a building constrcution project ( MEP Works ). main Contractor has revised the baseline program due to delay in strctural works. As a MEP contractor how we can analyse to identify what are the changes has been done to base line program.

What are the things to be checked in the new revised program???? . Could any one explain me step by step procedure for analysing the new targeet program.

Revised target program has been made in such a way that

1) 4 months delay in project completion

2) All the MEP detail activities are removed & only they have kept 3 activities ( MEP 1st fix,2nd fix,final fix) in each level

3) Duration slot for mep fixs in each leve remain unaltered




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If interpreted correctly, the baseline dont change. If there is a new baseline and the sequence is the same but delayed then in this case, where activities were delayed by 4 months, everything else from the revised data date should change uniformly. in the case where items were deleted, this is not the right thing to do as you may have critical or follow on activities. But first you should do a physical comparason and identify actvities which were removed but is necessary for you to acheive your target.

Hope this helps you in the right direction



Ed Afkham
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Regardless of new target program, you can always compare poject activities and Milestones dates by calling the baseline coluimn and all costs, PV, EV, ETC, etc by refering to the baseline taken before.