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Comparison Between Baseline Program & Revised target program

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Dear Friends,

I am working in a building constrcution project ( MEP Works ). main Contractor has revised the baseline program due to delay in strctural works. As a MEP contractor how we can analyse to identify what are the changes has been done to base line program.

What are the things to be checked in the new revised program???? . Could any one explain me step by step procedure for analysing the new targeet program.




Richard Joshua Mance
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Dear Mr. Mohammed Saud,

I saw your post because i encountered the same problem. Anyways, what i did is I use group and sort to Level 1 both Program A and B. Then i transfered them both to Excel. Then i used MATCH function to compare the activity codes and Activity name. Can you please also share to me your methods? i understand that this thread was long time ago.




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While comparing Baseline program & target program by using p3 i found some activities are missing in the target program.I want to filter those activities which is missing the target program. Is there any way to  filter those missing activities & to view seperately in baseline program,



If durations were not changed and these three activities do not overlap then I would suggest to create a detailed schedule for yourself using the dates of these cumulative activities as the targets. I would also recommend to create some contingency reserves, so your detailed schedules that you will use internally shall finish earlier than targets 1, 2 , 3. I don't know what is written in your contract and if you can require some compensation for this delay.

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Dear Mr.Vladimir,

We made the program by using P3.

Revised target program has been made in such a way that,

1) 4 months delay in project completion

2) All the MEP activities are removed & only they have kept 3 activities ( MEP 1st,2nd,final fix) in each level

3) Duration slot has for MEP fixes in each level remain unchanged





you did not specify the software that you use.

In Spider Project you can compare any two versions (in your case original and revised baselines) and get any information on their differences. In particular you shall study:

- If some activities were delayed or plan to be performed earlier than in the orginal baseline,

- If any activity duration was changed and how,

- What happened with your activities floats,

- If there are are any changes with cost estimates,

- If the schedules are resource loaded then what happened with overall peak resource requirements.