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Changes Dates Automatically P6

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Felipe N G
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Hello everybody,

In Microsoft Project when i change the date of one activity the others activities change the start date automatically, but in P6 i can´t.

I go to Edit/User preferences and click Reorganize automatically, then press F5 and the activities don’t change.

So i choose the chart view, select all activities, right click/ reorganize all and the activities don’t change.

Tools/Reorganize now and nothing.

Any can hepl me please?




Anoon Iimos
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try F9

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P6 is more suffiscated than MS so, it depends on the relationship that exist between the activities you are talking about. that's the only thing that would make them change automatically when you change the date of one activity and schedule. Pressing F5 to refresh can only make a reorganisation you made in P6 to take effect if it is hanging. this even better for you so that you would be sure of every input you make.



Dieter Wambach
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Thanks for the compliment, but I learn much more in this forum than I can give.
Because it’s just by chance, if real life exactly meets the plan I prefer manual updates. But until now I couldn’t find any bug in this function. So to my opinion it would be possible and faster for some projects, to use spotlight --> update progress --> adjust variances.

Regards from Germany Con un cordial saludo

Carmen Arape
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Dieter is right (almost always). You can do the set up of schedule options. Puedes definir opciones de calculo de schedule.


have you ever used the following options in order to speed up the boring update process. Options are: progress spotlight and Update progress. Really good for updating but I got some dates out of control.

Dieter Wambach
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In P6 it is "F9" or Tools --> Schdule or the icon. There under "Options" you can select "Schedule automatically..."
By experience it’s better to schedule on only request - that’s why it is an option in MSP as well.