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Changing OD w/out automatically changing activity % complete

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John Rovir Ferna...
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Hi All,

Im making a revised schedule and this is one of my problem. I want to change the Original duration without changing automatically the Activity % complete. these activities already started and there are already progress on it.
I'll appreciate any help you give me. Thanks.


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Hi John,


It all depends on the kind of progress % complete type you are using, if it is duration % then it would be affected but if it is physical % complete then you can go ahead to input the correct original duration to reflect the obtainable duration. if you are using units %, it depends on the quantity of the job delivered for you to get the progress %.

I will advice you to always use physical % complete type so as to give accurate progress on the job.



Muthukumaru Senth...
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Hi Jone;


Basically you are revising this duration due to inaccurate of the original planned duration, it means the started activity could not progress as you planned . Progress % and remaining durtion to be determined by you.



Mike Testro
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Hi John

If you cannot just extend the end date of the uncompleted section then you may have to take off the progress - extend the durations and then add back the progress.

Best regards

Mike Testro