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Why? Or should we/they change logic that completed out of order?

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John Reeves
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When a successor is complete 100% the program just skps to the next successor in the chain, so why should the logic be changed to the way it really happened?  Or should we just leave it to keep from complicating the schedule and comparisons?  I used to be able show how it created a false gap in time in chains when leaving in old logic with "retained" logic but I am not seeing that now.  I know it can "sometimes", do you recall when it does - i assume those should be fixed.


Zoltan Palffy
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yes out of sequence logic and be viewed in the P6 log report.

you can have logic pushing through an activity ie.

Activity A B and C all sequential 

Activity A is in progress 

Activity B is completed 

Activity C has not started

Since activity A is not complete the earliest that activity C can begin is when activtiy A is done. Even though activity A is not tied to activity C it is still honoring the retained logic and passes thru activity B to activity C