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Indicating Procurement activities in the program

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Kumar I
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1.What is the best way to indicate the procurement activities in the program.Especially where material lead time is high and the same is required before a planned activity can start.
eg submittals,approvals,order,___ FS(procurement lead time as dummy activity)-Delivery activity
Showing procurement lead time as dummy activity is better or to split it and show it as manufacturing/procurement/shipment activities.
What are the advantages and disadvantages in the above.

2.What is the best method to show procurement of material for the material locally available.

2) Procurement of various materials like pipes for firefighting ,watersupply drainage,electrical conduits for various floors of the above building

Is One Delivery bar with ss relationship with lag to the the installation of the various above activity enough.
Are the procurement of such activities required to be shown in the schedule ?


Natesh Gutti
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Dear all,

i am new to this site, but i need your professional support in the quest of my quessionaire.


I desperately need 400kv transmission line L2 schedule against the schedule given by client.


Love u all

Natesh Gutti


Rolyn Jalea
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If you have time, try to create a procurement programme of all the materials needed at site & showing all the procurement activities. Then try to put a late finish constraint on the last activity (say material on site) based on the early start of a certain activity in your baseline programme in which this material will be used. Through this, you are indirectly linking the procurement schedule and your construction schedule.

Then try to run it in report writer grouping the activities material wise. Although it requires a lot of time updating every single activity, it is useful in the end because you can monitor each and every materials, and you will know its potential delay. And besides, it is much easier to understand because you can generate the report on tabular form.

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the project with all of procuremet activities

RFQ,Apprv,PO, Facbrication,Lead time,Deliv on site

assign some %wt to each and Monitor it progress

so that material should be on site as required

u can aslo make programmimg in xls

have fun
Jackie Gilliland
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I believe in very much the same phylosophy as Omar.

I also suggest you be carefull of scheduling detail activities of which you do not have a direct means of tracking. This does not mean feedback from suppliers as I have often found this as either not forthcomming or unreliable. Without accurate feedback you may just as well not have these activities at all.

Jackie Gilliland
Omar Grant
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I find a Milestone ROS (Required On Site) is a handy tool as a linkage prior to the requirement for the equipment/bulk item(s) installation in the contruction schedule. The ROS MS should be lagged by whatever time it takes to receive & process particular equipment before its release to the construction/installation crews. Of equal importance to the manufacture/delivery of some equipment can be the timing of the receipt of the cerified vendor data from suppliers which impacts on the completion of design. Often the criticality of procurement items is not their delivery but the impact on engineering design if the order is placed too late. Cheers
Clive Randall
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Suggest you identify what activities items will have a long lead
Most of these will be delievered from offshore
Suggested items
puddle flanges
Find out what the suppliers are saying
Think about port clearance and delivery and see what that tells you.
Remember that for these items approval will be required often prior to manufacture
partial payment almost certainly.
If you believe you have a problem schedule it and define the logic.
Zhang Haixiang
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make it easy. don’t split them, just focus on "on site" date. try to get new "on site" date from the vendor when you update your schedule.( only long lead item)

for other material that has a short lead time, no need to put in the schedule, a single bar does not help the schedule. (it just make your schedule looks nice)

It’s my opion,for your refernece

Steven Oliver
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Depends upon how serious the delay of delivery of your materials would impact upon your schedule.

If delay in delivery impact is high, then I would detail the same to a sufficient level to track progress and mitigate impact.