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Update on use of EVM indices in EPC Projects

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Peter Holroyd
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after many years of using traditional EVM on EPC Projects and always feeling that the effort required to run a EVM system never justified either the claims made for it by it's protagonists or it's (lack of) use in decision making by senior management I have put a few ideas together on how we can improve it's presentation to impart a better understanding of the output and that famous 3-line planned - earned - actual graph.

So the standard SPI, CPI indices (say presented as 0.9, 1.1 etc) now have added fields of 

1 which function is being used as a measure - budget, manhours, quantities, activity-days etc

2 which baseline is being used - original, update 1, update 2 (after + or - changes / eot's

3 when the indices is produced - period / month of contract period P21 of 28

4 which CPN schedule is being used - early start = 0% , late start = 100% or something inbetween

If you want to read and comment on the paper drop me a message or send me your email address




Bhavinbhai Lakhani
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We aim to bridge the gap between EVM's theoretical benefits and its practical application in project management. This approach seeks to empower senior management with actionable insights derived from EVM, thereby enhancing its role as a valuable tool in project control and decision-making.

Patrick Weaver
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The problem with EVM is its overall complexity and the time needed to generate reports.  A much quicker system that can produce the infomration management needs in a day or two is Work Performance Management. The infomration is not precisely detailed, it is designed to be pragmatic and robust: