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Line of Balance

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Mohd Mahd
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i was looking for further info about the "line of balance". thanks in advance Mohd


Santosh Bhat
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Check out Turbo-Chart, it can produce such charts from your P6 schedules quite easily.


Patrick Weaver
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A link that works to a simple overview of LOB: https://mosaicprojects.com.au/WhitePapers/WP1021_LOB.pdf

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Hi All,


Can anyone share or describe how Line of Balance is prepared . I am experienced to Primavera P6 and not quite sure how to perform this in P6.


Kindly share or send any link to understand the same.

Peter Clarke
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Time Location (or Time Chainage or Line of Balance) charts are very good for planning and presenting projects that involve linear, repetitive work such as roads, bridges, pipelines, tunnels etc.
I have produced a software package that produces time chainage charts by inputting location details and progress rates. Starting dates are dictated by logic and constraint dates (like usual bar chart project management software). Holidays are fully accounted for. Actual progress can also be shown with full history kept. The chart can then be formatted, viewed, printed and saved as a graphic file.
Anyone wanting more information, please contact me.
Clive Holloway
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I am a big fan of line of balance programming. It is ideal for repetitive works, such as house construction or multi storey floor cycles. It is also similar to time chainage programming which is used on linear projects such as pipelines and raods.
Mohd Mahd
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gentlemen, thanks for ur prompt reply, and much more thanks for the inf. Mohd
Forum Guest
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You might also try this document. Chapter 7 is Production scheduling, including LOB. http://www.dsmc.dsm.mil/pubs/gdbks/scheduling_guide.htm
David Bordoli
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Try this. It seems to have everything you ever needed to know ablout Line-of-Balance! http://www.nnh.com/ev/lob2.html