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line of balance

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prem kumar,
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what is the difference between line of balance chart and resource curve


Rafael Davila
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Line of Balance and Time Location Charts are just another way to view your schedule.  They lack meaning if you cannot see the schedule logic, the crew composition, the volume of work and the production rates.

The devil is in the details.


If your software cannot give you the information you can:

  1. Guess it.
  2. Get a Cristal Ball.
  3. Get someone from within your company to tell you about the assumptions every time you need to understand and adjust the schedule.
  4. Use capable software that will give you the information and that will dynamically make the adjustments as you adjust the crew composition and production rates.
  5. In road construction the production rates might vary substantially as the activities move from one season to another.  If your model does not takes this into account you got a very poor model.  If running Monte Carlo the software shall be able to make the adjustments as activities move on each iteration. 
Patrick Weaver
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Peter Holroyd
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Basically same thing - input/output v time

resource curve:
any resource (usually labour& plant) plotted against time

line of balance:
any individual completed work plotted against time
- usually used in repetitive work, house building, welds, pipe erection etc to show productivity and hence forecast remaining work completion