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Vico Software Control (Flowline/Line of Balance/LoB)

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Alex Jones
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I have seen more and more entries asking about this topic and thought I would create a new thread...

In this forum I hope to answer any queries you have about Vico Software’s location based planning software "Control" as a standalone planning application or it’s seemless link to 4D and 5D outputs within the wider Vico Software suite.

I work for Vico as a trainer and developer of this package so know it well! I am also a Chartered Civil Engineer so should understand your applications of the product and am more technically minded so you will get a technical response not a sales response I hope.

Line of balance software has improved massively over the past 5yrs. It now represents a flexible and powerful tool for quickly planning and controlling projects. Most of all, it is far better at identifying risk and opportunity because of the way tasks and locations can be displayed on a single page. This is hard to do on 50 pages of gantt chart print out as we all know.

It works in gantt chart too so you don’t have to walk away from gantt, and it works dynamically so you can make changes in either view.

Control 2009 Launching today boasts links to P6 and MSP so you can check and update your work in Control and then export to whichever software your client or management demand.

Take a look at Vico Software Control 2009 and check out the quick demo movie which give you a great overview. You can download a 60day free trial period and you can download interactive training guides (ITG’s) which will train you on the basic features to get you started.

Go to the Vico Software Website

Go Go Vico!


Mangesh Khuspe
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Dear Alex,


I hope that you read this thread, i have downloaded the trial version of vico control and learning it on my own, also purchased the LBS book. i have soem plans in p6 which when i try to import into control, it gives some kind of error and closes down. i tried many times but was unable to do so.

Can i use excel for transfer or can i use excel as a link between both P6 and Vico.

With Regards,


Mangesh Khuspe