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Line of Balance

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Nigel Carrington
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I’ve read the messages on this subject and followed most of the links but none take me to software for line of balance charts for repetative work i.e. hundreds of student rooms.

Most take me off to what I would call ’Time Chaneage’ charts which look great for linear project work.

Does anyone know of any software for what I’m looking for?

I believe Line of balance is also known as ’Elemental Trend Analysis’.


Anum Ismail
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·         read this somewhere, I can't find link of:

VICO software Control 2009. It works in gantt chart too so you don’t have to walk away from gantt, and it works dynamically so you can make changes in either view. Control 2009 Launching today boasts links to P6 and MSP so you can check and update your work in Control and then export to whichever software your client or management demand. Take a look at Vico Software Control 2009 and check out the quick demo movie which give you a great overview. You can download a 60day free trial period and you can download interactive training guides (ITG’s) which will train you on the basic features to get you started. Go to the Vico Software Website

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I know about a commercially available CPM scheduling software which incorporates line of balnace. People may call differently as time chainage or time location.
The software is CCS-SitePlan. There website is
Try it.
Russell Kenley
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Hi Nigel,

I think the tool you are looking for is available from Dynamic Systems Solutions (DSS). It is called DYNAProject and is a poweful, CPM-based, Line-of-Balance system for commercial or Civil projects. select the English page if your Finnish is not up to scratch!

It is also available in the Asia/Pacific from

Bernard Ertl
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Nigel, I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you might take a look at:


Bernard Ertl
InterPlan Systems Inc. - Project Management Software, Project Planning Software
Bryce Phillips
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Its been a long time.
Have you tried ?
Its about the only Line of Balance site I can remember just now.
Bryce Phillips
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My experience is a scheduled and levelled network with resources. The final output of Time chainage is more or less same as Line of Balance.

Data source of Time Chainage is from P3, it seems you are looking for another scheduling tools.