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User-defined Fields

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Bo Johnsen
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A question about user-defined fields.

I've created a number of UDF's, some of them being of the Integer or Number type.

How do I prevent these types from summarizing on parent/WBS-level above, e.g. if writing "2" for one activity and "7" for another activity, a total of "9" will be shown in the parent level. I do not want this "9" to be shown, as it might not have any meaning (different units, etc.).

Can I choose which UDF's I want it to be shown for and which to hide (i.e. column by column) or is it all or nothing?




Gary Whitehead
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You can't filter on out of sequence activities, AFAIK. And I am not aware of any way to get a UDF to automatically show you out of sequence activities.

You can get a list of them from the schedule log file, and manualy enter that data into a UDF or activity code.

I'f you're a bit of a whiz with macros / VB, I imagine it would be possible to convert the log file into csv format, run it through a macro to clean it up for import into primavera, and assign codes / UDFs that way.

If you're locked out of creating UDFs, I imagine this is an issue over what admin rights you have -do you have a superuser / P6 administrator that could do it for you?

Alternative might be to just use an existing UDF, rather than creating new (though important to understand what else said UDF is used for before hand)

Or as mentioned, you could set up an activity code (assuming you're not locked out of doing that)




Peter Drury
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Can anyone help.

How can I create either a UDF or Filter show that I can see activities that have progressed out of sequence.

I have tried creating a UDF and it appears that I am locked out from adding a new UDF.

Bo Johnsen
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Tyler / Alfredo,

Thank you for the answers.

Have gone back to text-type UDF.

Not that user-friendly that the group-totals is not column-based.




Alfredo Jr. Hubilla
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You can use group and sort and then just uncheck the "Show Group Totals"..

Tyler Babin
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In my experience with UDF's it is all or nothing. If you don't need to specifically have an Interger there I would suggest changing the UDF type to text. Text type UDF's do not summarize.


Hope this Helps