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P5 User Layout / Print / Defined Field

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Q.M. Ismael
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Can Any one help..

I Have List of Project in P5 & Each of Project Has Seperate ID, Project Name & Separate Client,
While Printing I want to Bring the, ID Project Name & Client Name in Footer one of column, i am able to get Project ID & Project Name, but Client Name is User text, That Name i want to bring in the Print. so any Options to bring Usertext on Project to Printing footer. Every time i am getting the print which is last layout is opened, for all the project same footer is coming...

Thanks in advance


Bijaya Bajracharya
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Project specific data are not properly picked up by P3ec layout. I had started a discussion on this matter about a year ago. It is not only user texts, even Project activity codes. Say for example your layout has a column showing a project activity code. If you now close that project and open another project, the new project will be open in the same layout as your previous project. Now do some minor changes and close this second project. And open the first project again. You will be surprised to see (in fact not to see) that your project activity code column would be gone.

To come out of the problem I had to save separate layout for each project and also make sure that I am not using that layout while closing the project. Also make sure that you don’t use thay layout in any other project. The moment you use it, it will not work in its original project. This seems to be a big drawback even in P5.
Rodel Marasigan
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A simple answer is because it is an enterprise version which all files/projects are sitting in one database. Unlike P3 where you have separate files for each projects which layouts and library are mean for each project or project specific. You can used same layouts for each project in P5 when you used your activity codes globally and same codes for every project that you had. A good example is WBS layout and EPS layout which is always the same although can set into different levels. So clearly P5 is set for global and the best way is to handle your problem is to save to different layouts for every project you had.