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Linkining between Tasks in two different files

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Ahmed KHR
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I have détail plannings for the structures, This structures is including on the master schedule as macro activities (Major works, Finitions).


Link between this detail schedules and the Master scedule on MSP2007?



Ahmed KHR
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Joined: 10 Nov 2010
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Thanks a lot Jhobram, yes its verry simple after your explication.

Jhorbam Baena Orozco
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Hi, is very like create a local link...i sugest you before all place all the files in the same directory.  After that, open the file where you wanna start to create the external links and select the activity to create the link (to here, all is normal ok), when you have the window open only in the ID field write the full path, and the file, and the id of activity that you wanna example:

Path =

File 1= Plan1

File 2= Plan2

Ok, i wanna link the activity 25 of the File2 into the 4 activity of the File1...ok then, i have to open the File1 and select the Activity 4 and double click to open the task information window and selecte predecessor the field ID i write this:


And this is all!!!!