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Assigning and tracking two resources with diffrent type in a task

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Eser Şentürk
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It may be very newbie question. I am using MS Project. I want to know how to track a task with two different resources. How can we calculate man hour or progresses of this task when there are two resources. For example, my task is from civil engineering project and lets say its name is "3rd floor reinforced concrete works". Dont i have to assign "concrete", "steel" and "workers" resources to this task. When i do this, how can i track this activity. Because concrete and steel are "material" type but workers are "work type resources. What do you suggest me in order to track this activity? In a youtube tutorial an expert was saying "use one resource to one task" do not use more resources. Is it true? What should i do?


Philip Day
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Hi Eser,


It may also help you to achieve this to go to the "View" tab. Select "Details" and from the drop down box select Task Usage.




Trevor Rabey
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So what is the problem?

If the resources are say concrete, steel and 4 men, then assign them to the task.

It is nonsense to suggest that a task can only have one resource, so if you saw that on youtube it is wrong.

However, you should try to break the tasks down into a sufficient level of detail so that the task is performed by just a few men, say 4 not 20.

Track the task by logging the actuals ie the facts, in the order in which they occur. Use the tracking table.
Set a status date.
Has the task started?
When did the task start?
How many days of actual duration are there?
What is the remaining duration
During the days of actual duration, how much steel and concrete was used, and how many hours, and which hours were worked byt the men?

Ask the right questions in the right order and put the answers in the right place in the MSP program.
That's all there is to it.