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Claim Digger giving wrong Lag values

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Haresh Jayanth
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We use claim digger report for delay analysis. However, recently when noticed, the lag values shown in Claim digger is not showing correct value. For example in the programme for comparision if it shows a lag value of FS 3, claim digger shows a value of 50, which i am not to correlate.


Kindly advice...







Pratap Dinahar
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That's 'cos the durations are reported in hours rather than days. A quick fix would be to divide by 8, but that wouldn't be accurate when you have a mixture of calendars, like 10 hour and 12 hour calendars etc. 

At Aegis, we've used and have released Rubix; the schedule comparison module compares two schedules, one of the criteria compared is changed lags - all durations are reported in days. 

For more information about Rubix or a free trial, search Rubix.