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Changing end date on progressed activity

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Harry Angell
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I've just started using Asta PP after working on P6, and I'm a bit thrown by how you accomplish even simple things.

In P6 once I had marked the progress on an activity you could use the Anticipated end date to change the planned end date of a task, now this may be a dense question, but how do I do the equivilent in Asta?

If I try and change the finish date, it simply jumps back to the original finish, it won't accept the new date I'm giving it.





Mike Testro
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Yes. But the point about rules is knowing when it is safe to break them.

Andrew Pearce
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Mike dosnt that violate your planning rules on constraints and ALAP?

Mike Testro
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Hi Harry

Asta is a completely different system from P6 so it will take a little time to adjust but the effort will be well rewarded.

For one thing Asta will not accept negative float and the stated end date is advisory only.

In this way you cannot distort the logic - it is what it is.

You can change the finish date by moving the last milestone and flagging it to finish "On or After" then by setting the tasks ALAP they will move to the later date and turn critical.

You can also set the two dates - Earliest v Latest in the date columns.

Keep at it and use PP whenever you need us.

Best regards

Mike T.