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How to sort, group and annotate activities properly

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Karina P
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Good Afternoon!

I am new user to the Asta powerproject. I researched those questions also before Im asking your help, but did not finde satisfing answer, so hopefully you can help me with the next issues

1) Activity Codes- Does they exist in asta? I have seen several references in booklets, but no guidance how to set them up If there is no activity codes, then what are their replacement? Where can I find the material on how to sort, group and organize tasks. Basically have additional classification

2) Notes on task- is there the possibility to make annotations on a tasklist? Is there a general comment section?

3) Rolling up task- if I mark several tasks and use Roll Task Up button on Home -> Hierarchy, the one left task would look quite ugly. Will be left the name of one task, although ID´s of several. This is not givving overview or summery of rolled up tasks. So the question is can I rename the summary? Can I change the way this one task shows?


All of those tasks basically involves view on the activity list.

I would appreciate your help or any commnet



Karina P
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Thank You Mike!

It Really Helped!

That really helped. Sorry for bothering I am catching up with tutorials every day.

Have a nice week!


Mike Testro
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Hi Karina

Activity Codes

Library Explorer > Code Library > Code Group > Name any code you like and give it a colour. Then drag and drop onto selected tasks. Use codes to filter. Avoid creating multiple colours and pattens or your chart will look like a fireworks display.

Notes on Tasks

Insert > Text Annotation > Drag to Task > Type Note

Or set up a user field

Or Right Click task > Properties > Status > Type note

Roll up tasks - I think you are referring to "Task per Line" mode

Each task has an individual name but the bar has the control name for the cascade. The easiest way to roll up or down is the little plus sign on the extreme left hand column.

I hope that helps.

Best regards

Mike T.

BTW all of this can be found on the help section F1.