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Problems assigning specific calendar to only a few tasks?

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Mark McErlean
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I am trying to assign a 7 day week calendar to 2 tasks on my project. The remaining 100 or so are the standard 5-day 8 hour calendar. 

However when I drag the '7 day week, Bank Hols & Xmas' to the tasks and release it all of the other tasks change to a 7 day calendar! I have noticed a few dont however.

90% of the tasks are linked so it it related to that?




Derek Miller
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Have you tried right clicking on the task, select 'properties' and on the 'task' tab select 'Dates'. Where calendar is indicated select the type you want for that particular task.


Chris Rymer
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Hi Connor

When you allocated the calendar did you change the folding calendar? if you did you will now be showing 7 days a week in the chart area but the task calendar for all other tasks should have stayed at 5 days.

Check the task properties of a task that shouldn't have changed and in the Dates section see what calendar is allocated.

Let me know if you are still having a problem



Mark McErlean
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You see I have created the entire project in a 5 day week calendar and I am changing 2 tasks to 7 day. Would i be corect by saying now that I have added the extra 2 days I need to split each task now into seperate bars, i.e ending friday and starting again on monday?

I was looking for a way for asta to automatically skip saturday & sunday for all the 5 day tasks excluding the 2 7 day ones of course?

Mike Testro
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Hi Conor

Your problem may be caused by this explanation which Richard Peace wrote in the thread immediately below yours.

Richard says:

"The most likely cause of the different behaviour is a feature that was added into the software in Version 11. This feature is called "Inherit attributes from neighbouring task" and it is in the Tools – Options – Edit tab towards the top on the left. If it is switched ON then when you insert tasks they can inherit some settings - including the calendar - from their neghbouring tasks rather than from the defaults that are set for the overall project.

The behaviour in this area is described in the help – if you search for “inheritance” this will take you to the relevant help topic. ""

It could be that the two which do not change are immediately above the two that you are changing.

Just as well you have the unlimited undo button on Asta.

Best regards

Mike Testro