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Test Post By Accreditation Editor

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This is a test post. Is there anyone there?


Raymund de Laza
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Joined: 23 Nov 2009
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Hi to everyone,

A new Group was created but the Group forum was not accessible.

Any help pertain to it?


Thanks in advance.





Karl Wilkinson
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Hi there, Test Post ok!!

Raphael M. Dua
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I am here too

Hi Mike,

There is an option to turn him on and turn him off when you edit your account under the "My Account" options.


Mike Testro
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Hi James


Just exploring the new site - what happed to the little ginger headed guy - has he gone for a tea break?

Best regards

Mike T.

Forum Guest
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Hi Mike / All,

Yes, that’s great news. I hope it is a real success. There is a huge shortage of GOOD / USEFUL training.

Best Regards James
Mike Testro
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Hi James

I am working with Matthew to Present the one day Training Course on the Subject of Forensic Delay Analysis on Wednesday at Asta’s office.

Best regards

Mike T.
Hi James,
it works.
Best Regards,
Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear James,

This is to confirm receipt of your message.

With kind regards,

Andrew Dick
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I’m here.
When are we getting stuck into this accreditation work?