Good Planner - The foundation

7 years 50 weeks ago

It is failry common to come across lots of people in planning who are actively engaged in planning but have never visited or worked on the site. This is deeply disturbing. It also applies to other industries as well as you must have noticed. Well, in any case, I belong to the Construction industry and have come across a number of people, at all levels, who may have walked into the construction


Let Us start Planning

7 years 51 weeks ago

A long time back, late Seventies to early Eighties, it was quite a fun to prepare Plans and programmes for Projects. It used to be challenging, creative effort involving lots of hard work but quite satisfying and enjoyable. This went on for quite sometime and this area generally there was no intrusion. Gradually I have seen intrusion in this space by others to the extent that there is no more


One Contractor + One Employer + One site + Two Contracts = Disaster

8 years 1 day ago

The situation where a contractor has been awarded two or more different contracts for different phases on the same site must be failry common because I have encountered it three times so far in my career.

It is a recipe for disaster for the Employer because if the contractor causes a delay on Contract 1 which then delays acces to Contract 2 then the same 


Projects do not always go exactly as planned.

8 years 4 days ago

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Some readers might have noticed that projects do not always go exactly as planned.  Actually they never go exactly as planned.  What’s more, they have a tendency to go worse than planned more often than they go better than planned.  Why is this?


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