Best Five Good Reasons to Decide on a Job at Animation

2 days 21 hours ago

The area of animation and multimedia is forecast to mature at an interest speed of 4 per cent in 2019 into 2029. Animators and multimedia designers really ' are very in requirement in expanding businesses such as pictures, video and television gaming. Gore Verbinski, the director of videos such as Pirates of the Caribbean along with also The Ring, painted the ideal photograph of this


Deltek Acumen Suite of Applications

1 week 6 days ago

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how to qualify your project schedule more comfortably without spending numerous hours and even days to make conclusions and recommendations.

Do you want to make your project schedule better, more reliable, achievable, and predictable? Are you responsible for a group of management practitioners accountable for schedule quality, identifying


A Personal Retrospective

2 weeks 16 hours ago

This year was like living through a 500-year storm.   COVID has infected 1 in 20 Americans, and 1 in 1,000 have died of the disease.  Nearly 15 million people are still out of work.  Thirty-three million have been remote


Visualizing Risk

6 weeks 1 day ago

Mark is boarding a plane and heard one passenger in front remarked in jest that the chance of the aircraft reaching its destination is 50%.


Work = Life Priorities

6 weeks 3 days ago

Balancing our work and home lives is a challenge that nearly everyone faces.  I was a single parent for many years and managed large teams and projects in Fortune 100 companies.  It was not always easy.  

Recently, I was talking to an old friend and former colleague.  When we worked together, she did not have children.  She remarked at how


Business Agility: Getting Started

10 weeks 6 days ago

Agile is now part of the general business lexicon.  On the news, non-technology leaders keep mentioning the need to be “agile” or “pivot.”  Even leaders of traditional industries, like football, use the terminology to describe their approach to their complex business problems.

Agile is not magic, nor is it hard to learn.  This article shares two foundational



14 weeks 6 hours ago
Many of us are blessed with many things in our life that we seldom appreciate. Sometimes they are huge and other times they are small. Regardless of magnitude, Thanksgiving Day is the time of the year that serves well as a reminder to be thankful. Appreciate what you come to have and even what you’ve lost. In risk-based management, both embody change that can lead to new

Advanced Stakeholder Modeling

15 weeks 13 hours ago


No matter your role, you are accountable to someone.  As we ascend the organizational ladder, stakeholder management becomes an increasingly more critical skill.

Stakeholder management is the ongoing process of identifying, evaluating, and engaging the people who are critical to our success.   Stakeholders are broadly defined as anyone


Cost Estimating

16 weeks 20 hours ago

1. Problem or Opportunity Statement


Budgeting Continuous Improvements and Process Estimating

16 weeks 20 hours ago

1. Problem or Opportunity Statement


Market Place

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