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How is the Y-Axis scale determined in the Resource/Activity Usage Profile

4 days 17 hours ago

In Primavera when we show Resource Usage Profile or Activity Usage Profile, the max value in Y-Axis is determined by software. And we may wonder how is it determined.

Primavera P6

Controlling the Runaway Meeting

3 weeks 8 hours ago

It is a common phenomenon.  Something happens, usually something bad.  Daily meetings are organized.  Anyone connected with the event is there—from senior executives to junior staff.  There is incredible focus.  Then, the triggering issue is resolved.  But the meetings continue. 

This has happened to all of us. Meetings start with a clear purpose.


CPM Resource & Cost Loading Requires Inside Knowledge

3 weeks 4 days ago

CPM Resource & Cost Loading Requires Inside Knowledge

Like construction project management, CPM Resource & Cost Loading is a science in which the best practitioners have administrative, as well as practical and theoretical skills specific to the industry in which they work. This condition generates some interesting perceptions, all of which point to a lack of



5 weeks 17 hours ago

One benchmarking article mentioned an IPA study presented in March 2010 annual meeting of the Industry Benchmarking Consortium (IPA, 2010) how frequently small, site-base projects fail to meet objectives. The study divided the projects into two groups, cost-driven and schedule-driven. The question came up whether there are real benefits to grouping a project into the two categories regardless


Risk? What are you?

6 weeks 1 day ago

It is inspirational to hear words that rhyme where a line and a stanza impart a meaning using the song-like attributes of the articulated statements. The command of a poem makes one remember. It helped some University students recall difficult formulas in integral and differential calculus. It is real and it does work. I’ve used it a lot during my college years singing “The Integral of u” to


Assurance for high risk projects

7 weeks 1 day ago

Why do so many governing bodies allow their organisations to embark on high risk projects without insisting on a robust, independent assurance function?

There is nothing wrong with embarking on a high-risk, high-reward project that has the potential to transform an organisation. In fact they are almost mandatory if an organisation is going to leap-frog its competitors and gain a


The Project Manager and the Scrum Master Should be Friends

7 weeks 2 days ago

There is a debate in the Agile community regarding the role of the project manager and the scrum master.  These discussions remind me of a song from the musical, Oklahoma.  Rather than drawing on the commonalities and shared mission of the roles, the focus seems to be on what separates them.

The farmer and the cowman should be friends,  Territory


How to make a labor, equipment mobilization plan in Primavera P6

8 weeks 2 days ago

In a project plan beside the Start and Finish date of activity, we also need to know When we need resource, and How many resource we need.

I will show you how to do it.

We have a simple project with 3 activities and is assigned resource as follow:

  • Activity A : 10 worker and 1 Crane
  • Activity B : 5 worker and 2 Crane
  • Activity C : 20 worker

The Butterfly Effect and How It Will Impact Your Project

10 weeks 6 days ago

Previously, we have discussed how schedule pressure and various schedule compression techniques may manifest themselves unpredictably and with adverse effect on the project. When pondering this correlation it might be comforting to recall the age old adage of, “haste makes waste”; my grandfather would always postulate. He would know. As a mechanical engineer working on high risk projects


How to perform Impacted As-Planned Delay Analysis in Primavera P6

10 weeks 6 days ago

The Impacted As-Planned method measures the impact of the delays on the as-planned schedule. The delays are formulated as activities and added to the as-planned schedule showing the effect of each delay and demonstrating how the project is being delayed. The amount of delay equals the difference in completion dates between the schedules before and after the impacts.


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