Failed Agile Sprints

38 weeks 6 days ago

Agile teams using the Scrum framework commit to delivering value in each development sprint.  Sprints are generally 2-weeks long, and the goal is to create working software that can be deployed into production.  While commitment is one of Scrum’s core values,  in reality, teams do not always


Engage Your Stakeholders

42 weeks 4 days ago

Managers and project managers are often told that "engaging stakeholders" is critical to success.  However, they rarely receive guidance on what it means or how to “engage stakeholders.”  It is similar to when I started practicing yoga, the teacher told us to "release our sacrum.”  I had no idea that I had a sacrum, let alone how to “release” it.  



Project Planning: The difference in knowing the principles

46 weeks 1 day ago


Coming from an Agricultural background to the construction industry has been a massive change in my life. While working in agricultural irrigation I completed a course in the Principles of Project Planning part time through Profactaplan( After writing the


Know Your Stakeholders

47 weeks 1 day ago

Stakeholder management is one of the most critical project management functions.  Stakeholders are our customers, organizational leaders, members of our project teams, and people we may not even know.  

The project manager’s ability to effectively identify, understand, and engage stakeholders is a key determinant of success.    According to the Project


The Importance of Management Roles in Business Transformation

48 weeks 2 days ago
Business transformation occurs when a company makes a change in administrative procedures with the intention to organize people and enhance their performance. It can also aim to adjust an organization’s processes and technologies to meet its business methodology and vision, helping and enhancing new business systems. Innovation is the key element in business and business process transformation.

Why Becoming A Data Scientist Is NOT Actually Easier Than You Think?

49 weeks 2 days ago
Data scientists are experts in solving complex problems through the collection, analysis, and interpretation of large quantities of data. They make use of their IT and trend spotting skills to help businesses improve their operations and gain an edge over competitors. In today's marketplace, there is a massive amount of structured and unstructured data to be tapped into. Referred to as big data

The Importance of Time Management

49 weeks 2 days ago

When we talk about time management, we are referring to effectively managing time to make sure we spend the correct amount of time for each action. Effective time management enables people to allot specific time slots in their schedule for tasks and activities according to their significance. Time management helps us make the best use of our time. In today’s world, with so many time


Operational Excellence

49 weeks 4 days ago

Operational Excellence, the alignment of organization’s culture and climate

By Arash Dowlatshahi, Director of Project Services, Aegion


Going Agile

50 weeks 4 days ago

Many organizations try to catapult into agility.  Striving to instantaneously transform their traditional practices and culture.   Unfortunately, this strategy is usually painful and often fails.

The Scrum Guide states, “Scrum is easy to understand, but difficult to master.”  Basic


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