Your Plan is wrong

36 weeks 6 days ago

It is wrong from the moment you print it on paper. This is true in all aspects of life, as life happens every minute, and there are always things that you couldn’t possibly be aware of before you finalize your plan.

Still, the first step of any project is to create a Plan. You’ll be asked to create a baseline and freeze it. Then, start execution and keep your Plan updated, measure the

plan, schedule

Create a Learning Environment: Profit from Your Mistakes

37 weeks 3 hours ago

“All good lessons come at a cost.  Try to learn them inexpensively.”  Howard Zucker

When I made a mistake as a child, my father would remind me that all lessons come at a cost.  The goal was to learn them cheaply.  I did not always follow this maxim.  But, this pearl of wisdom stayed with me


Primavera P6 export to Excel. How to color WBS level automatically

38 weeks 6 days ago

After export activity table from Primavera P6 to Excel, it’s very hard to distinguish WBS level.



39 weeks 3 days ago

In most organizations, communication is not a solution, it’s a problem.

It doesn’t matter how much the “leadership team” emphasize its importance; create many channels: email, phone, Skype, meetings; add it to the core values of the organization, or repeat how necessary it is. In this special case, there is no lesson to be learned.

Basic useless communication requires a minimum of


Eight Tips For A Great Project Report

39 weeks 3 days ago

Whether you’re writing for a university project or a corporate client at some point it’s likely that most professions will have you writing a report. While for most people it’s not their favourite part of the job, it is a necessary one. When it’s done well, a report is interesting, insightful and can lead to real change. However, done badly and the report becomes a


Are you managing your projects using the rear view mirror?

39 weeks 4 days ago

Peter Drucker, arguably the father of modern management, said "What gets measured, gets managed.”

As we manage projects, the activities that we measure need to be carefully selected in order to achieve our organisational goals. One of the issues of only focusing on traditional activity measures is that we are guiding ourselves with purely historical data. This is like driving only using


On Deliverables

40 weeks 2 days ago

Deliverables are responsibilities.

Part of a Planner’s job is to help the team to IDENTIFY them.

There is a common problem: Team members don’t know what the deliverables are exactly, so they are not sure how to define them, how to explain them, or how to name them.

The planner’s first step is to assure the team that She knows they are doing their best and they are


Why WBS in important?

40 weeks 5 days ago

It defines limitations and it creates flexibility.

We set boundaries by the breakdown. We define the limits of responsibility, how far an “accountable body” could go, to what extent he/she could be questioned, how their success would be measured and praised. This is what they get the “Great job!” for.



Forming a Team? Plan for Success

40 weeks 6 days ago

Remember the last time you joined a new team or organization.  What was it like?  Was it awkward?  Did you make decisions easily?  Were expectations clear?  Did the team gel immediately?

You probably answered “No” to these questions.  High-performing teams do not form quickly or naturally.  

As a manager or


Conducting a Successful Brainstorming Meeting

45 weeks 2 days ago

Well facilitated brainstorming sessions are amazing.  A creative, sharing atmosphere is built. Numerous ideas are generated.  Participants feel productive, valued, and are enthusiastic.  By contrast, poorly run meetings are horrible.  Little is accomplished.  People feel frustrated and that they wasted their time.

Brainstorming is a


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