4 Bad (Planning) Habits to Kick this Year

2 years 6 weeks ago

4 Bad (Planning) Habits to Kick this Year
February 15, 2018 | By Dr. Dan Patterson, Guild Fellow of Planning & Scheduling, PMP  

After being on the road these last two weeks presenting at project planning conferences and talking to hundreds of project


How does Primavera P6 calculate Planned Value Cost for Activities without linear distribution (using Resource Curves or Manual plan) in Earned Value Management

2 years 7 weeks ago

When we use Earned Value Management technique, we focus on:

  • Planned Value Cost (PV) = Budget At Completion * Schedule % Complete
  • Earned Value Cost (EV) = Budget At Completion * Performance % Complete (usually equal to Activity % Complete)
  • Schedule Variance (SV) = EV - PV
  • SV > 0 : project is good, ahead of schedule

So Planned Value Cost


Oracle Primavera P6 Professional – Get Filter Savvy

2 years 8 weeks ago

How to Mix the ‘And’ and the ‘Or’ Options in One Filter

Building a filter where all the conditions are either ‘And’ or ‘Or’ between each row is pretty straight forward. However, if you want to mix them up a little it’s not so obvious how you should do that in Oracle Primavera P6 Professional. This article will show you how.

Example: I want to find all the milestones in the


Changes and Claims Avoidance

2 years 9 weeks ago


Most of us have heard of the saying, “The only thing in this universe that does not change is the word change itself”.
In the realm of projects, change shall mean anything that deviates from the originally agreed scope, terms and condition of the contract. It

Scrum vs. Kanban: What to Choose?

2 years 9 weeks ago

Organizations starting their Agile journey are confronted with an array of choices.  One early decision is, what methodology and process to follow?   

The authors of the Agile Manifesto represented many approaches, methodologies, and frameworks.  The common theme was that they had uncovered better ways of developing


The 1, 2, 3 of Primavera P6 Baselines

2 years 11 weeks ago

Primavera P6 Professional allows you to assign up to three user baselines and one project baseline per project. The following article explains these capabilities and how they can be helpful in tracking the overall status of a project and near-term interim variance reports.

Take a look at the following diagram (taken from the Ten Six


An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & How it Relates to Project Planning

2 years 12 weeks ago


This paper describes and explains the concepts and terminology behind what is today being termed as Artificial Intelligence. Further, it describes how these concepts relate to the field of project management offering opportunity for better, more effective project planning and control. 

What Exactly is Artificial Intelligence?


Culture and Successful Projects

2 years 13 weeks ago

Project management has a consistent and unimpressive performance record.  The Standish Group’s on-going survey of project performance finds the percentage of projects that were deemed “successful” has hovered in the 25% - 30% range since 1994.  Successful projects are defined as those meeting expectations of time, cost, and scope. 

In my article, “


Merry Christmas from Primavera P6

2 years 15 weeks ago

From Primavera P6 with love :-)


Project fails because of ineffective Work Breakdown Structure.

2 years 17 weeks ago

Project fails because of ineffective Work Breakdown Structure.  

We have heard repeatedly the popular saying in Project Management “how do you eat a big elephant?” The answer, “one piece at a time”. This is the basic principle of applying what is called


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