Forming a Team? Plan for Success

32 weeks 1 hour ago

Remember the last time you joined a new team or organization.  What was it like?  Was it awkward?  Did you make decisions easily?  Were expectations clear?  Did the team gel immediately?

You probably answered “No” to these questions.  High-performing teams do not form quickly or naturally.  

As a manager or


Conducting a Successful Brainstorming Meeting

36 weeks 3 days ago

Well facilitated brainstorming sessions are amazing.  A creative, sharing atmosphere is built. Numerous ideas are generated.  Participants feel productive, valued, and are enthusiastic.  By contrast, poorly run meetings are horrible.  Little is accomplished.  People feel frustrated and that they wasted their time.

Brainstorming is a


Our Own Inspirational Stories

40 weeks 5 days ago

I believe each of us has our own, undiscovered inspirational story.  We have not recognized our own accomplishments.  We have not verbalized our achievements into a personal narrative.  Or, we may be uncomfortable talking about ourselves.

We consider heroes or great people to be innately different from ourselves.   They were destined for


Why Early Client Feedback is Necessary?

41 weeks 5 days ago

When you set on for a journey, you are not always aware of what exact path you need to take. But how wisely you proceed in your journey is what causes the difference. If you are vigilant enough and decide logically whether to go left, right or straight for every turn you come across; you can easily avoid deep U-turns. Taking that surprise U-turn might leave you drained. Possibly you are out of


FREE WHITE PAPER NO.6: Ten Cardinal Rules to Good Schedule Baseline Management

43 weeks 4 days ago
FREE WHITE PAPER NO.6 from PM Solution Pro Ten Cardinal Rules to Good Schedule Baseline Management A project that does not have a clear understanding on how to manage schedule baselines cannot expect to manage time effectively. When clients and contractors start throwing accusations against each other surrounding schedule baseline, one can easily conclude that a problem or issue is brewing. If

Primavera P6 export to Excel. How to identify WBS level for activity

43 weeks 4 days ago

After export activity table from Primavera P6 to Excel, it's very hard to tell this activity belong to what WBS.


An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

45 weeks 3 days ago

Ben Franklin was a an American founding father, inventor, diplomat, and philosopher.  He also wrote Poor Richard’s Almanacwhich contained information for farmers and timeless adages.  When it comes to project


Primavera Tips and Tricks - Tracing logic to a targeted activity using Primavera P6

46 weeks 5 days ago

Primavera Tips and Tricks

Tracing logic to a targeted activity using Primavera P6

Project Controls – Planning and Scheduling

July 2018 By David H. Doughty, PSP


In this post, I will show you how trace logic to a targeted activity on your project by utilizing Multiple Float Path



48 weeks 2 days ago

Five FREE WHITE PAPERS to Help Get Your Project Planning & Scheduling Engines Going! Holds keys to your project's success! Enroll for FREE now!


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Planning Planet Events: Form Real Connections

48 weeks 4 days ago

It is so easy to find connections and engage in business with others over LinkedIn or email – just click ‘connect’ and you’re done. However, nothing quite compares to old fashioned face-to-face conversations; you can easily make more progress in a 10 minute face-to-face conversation with someone than through weeks of messaging on LinkedIn. This is why Planning Planet set up gatherings across


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