Have your say at Planning Planet's community gathering

46 weeks 3 days ago

The Planning Planet Midlands Kick-Off Meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 18 April 2018 from 18:30 onwards and is available for like-minded Project Controls practitioners in our industry. If you are interested in networking, sharing knowledge and truly learning more about Project Controls then this is most certainly


The Lean Restaurant

47 weeks 8 hours ago

Go to Boston.  In the Beacon Hill neighborhood, you will find the Paramount Restaurant.  The Paramount is both a great eating experience and a fine example of Lean production.  The restaurant was opened in 1937.  Its unusual service policy that is prominently


How to use Activity Duration Type in Primavera P6

47 weeks 22 hours ago

(If the image is too big, you can read the original article at this link : https://doduykhuong.com/2018/03/25/how-to-use-activity-duration-type-in-primavera-p6/ )

In Primavera P6, when we assign resource to activity there is a equation:

Original Duration x Units/Time =


Best Practices for Resource Management

48 weeks 1 day ago

The best sports managers in history have all been those who had an intuitive grasp of the resources they had available to them. They had a deep understanding of what each team member could do and who could make a difference at crucial


What Are Some Good Risk Management Techniques?

49 weeks 1 day ago

To properly mitigate risk, a project manager must know how to effectively manage it. The inability to ascertain hazards can cause a project to careen off the rails rather quickly. Risk management is a process that begins at the conception of the venture and is followed


What is the difference between Activity type: Task Dependent and Resource Dependent in Primavera P6

49 weeks 1 day ago

In Primavera P6, there are 2 popular activity type: Task Dependent and Resource Dependent.

So what is the difference?

By choosing Task Dependent or Resource Dependent, P6 will choose what calendar it will use for the activity:

  • Choose Task Dependent: P6 use Activity calendar for the activity
  • Choose Resource Dependent: P6 use Resource calendar for the

Reinventing the Wheel with Spreadsheets

50 weeks 1 day ago

For a long time, too long in fact, spreadsheets have been the primary tool that organizations use for budgeting, planning and forecasting. It has become ingrained in the DNA of how organizations function, the foundation of everyday reporting and transmission of vital information. Some teams


Role of “Daily Diary” in Construction Projects

51 weeks 2 days ago

Often neglected, the subject document is an important piece of paper for construction projects. The document can be used in a variety of ways to improve the project performance and dispute resolutions. I have often seen that the project team believes the document as a burden and useless effort and thus the document is either not maintained properly or in some worse cases the document even


Forecasting – An Insight on Project Planners Vs Old School Mangers

51 weeks 2 days ago

Forecasting is an important skill and since the beginning, folks have been using different techniques and procedures to better predict the future. As the technology evolved over time, new techniques and procedures have revolutionized the forecasting capabilities. Forecasting using previous experience is one of the widely used old school methods. This method is good as it is quick and general


Learning to Love the PMBOK®--It Wasn’t Easy

51 weeks 4 days ago

Years ago, I begrudgingly took my project management certification (PMP®)exam.  I passed.  Almost a decade later, I now teach PMP® preparation classes and see the value of the Project Management Book of Knowledge® Guide (PMBOK®)and the rigors of the


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