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Primavera 6

Quick way to find P6 Activities with Lag

Finding relationship lags between activities in Primavera P6 is not as straightforward as one would like it to be. Out of the box, you either manually check each activity’s relationship or create a report detailing lags.

But what if you want to apply a filter to a layout? The workaround in this video shows how to create a filter for displaying only activities with lags or leads in a Primavera P6 schedule layout.

Quick Tip: How to trace out of sequence activities in Primavera P6

If your Primavera P6 schedule is set to use the Retained Logic for out of sequence activities and you notice that despite all the predecessors of an activity being 100% complete, the activity’s Start Date is not on the Data Date as one would expect

How to use Lumpsum cost in Primavera P6 to generate S-curves data

When it comes to generating Primavera P6 data for use in Excel to plot progress s-curves, the recommended practice is to use Resources as basis for progress measurement in P6, but there are times when it is not possible to use Resources either because of corporate policy, non-availability of resource loading or personal choice. A common alternative method is to use lumpsum cost as weightings in P6.

Understanding the Planned Dates in Oracle Primavera P6

By Yaser A. Al-Bustanji CPCM, ACIArb, PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, November, 2017


Your P6 Actual Duration is Wrong and This is How to Fix It

As-Built schedules are very important project records as they can be used in Delay Claims disputes, generating Norms or Production Rates and benchmarking future project activities hence why a lot of emphasis is placed on activities having accurate actual dates and actual duration. But Primavera P6 users need to pay attention to their User Preferences, else they will be recording wrong actual duration for activities.

CPM Baselines: Where Did Your CPM Baseline Go?

is sans-baseline 

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