Confidentiality of Project Data When Shared in XER File Format

17 weeks 6 days ago

Clearly defined tasks and responsibilities must be given to all project participants, in order to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Even more so when a project counts a large number of participants, which makes it more demanding and difficult to manage.




18 weeks 1 day ago


External pressures like Digital transformation, volatile economic situations, lower rates and changing political scenarios are somehow putting more pressure to stay competitive. Disintegration and lack of information flow in 360 degrees (Up and down, internal and external) are the internal factors that constrict an organization’s growth. The ultimate result


Knowledge Management: Share the Wisdom

19 weeks 2 days ago

Knowledge Management(KM) is broadly defined as the process of creating and sharing information across the organization.  Its goal is to enable learning.  KM became a formal business disciple in the 1990s even though it dates back centuries.  I believe that project management follows the 


A Discussion On Root Cause In Construction Impacts

23 weeks 3 days ago


ASQ Defines it as:

A root cause is defined as a factor that caused a nonconformance and should be permanently eliminated through process improvement………

Root cause analysis is defined as a collective term that describes a wide range of approaches, tools, and techniques used to uncover causes of problems………



Road Trippin’ Organization Change: The Journey

23 weeks 6 days ago

Organizational change and transformation efforts are often challenging.  Most fail to meet their planned objectives with 30% failing outright.  In last month’s article, ”Road Trippin’ Organizational Change: The Beginning”, I recommending using adaptive-agile planning practices


Tips to Effective Project Schedule Updates Part 3

24 weeks 2 days ago
Client feedbacks must be clear, with enough details yet to the point. This gives contractor their fair chance. The client expect the same from the contractor. All feedbacks must have a tracking mechanism in place. The accuracy of the schedule update affects its enforceability. This is the reason why contractors and client must agree to the governing parameters of the scheduling tool. It is a

Tips to Effective Project Schedule Updates Part 2

24 weeks 2 days ago
The client company, through its representative, must review and give feedbacks to the contractor after receiving the schedule update/report. It is not only an expected feedback and input mechanism but also a responsibility. Return inputs (feedbacks) must be in a timely, coordinated, and agreed-to manner so nothing goes between the cracks. All inputs and feedbacks shall be in writing via e-mail or

Tips to Effective Project Schedule Updates Part 1

24 weeks 2 days ago
There are numerous approaches to schedule updating but often times, the project still grapple with what to do when it comes time. Updating a schedule must adopt a clear and approved guideline or procedure reflecting the best practice and fit-for-purpose approach. The guide must provide the essential and central philosophies on how updating facilitates controlling, monitoring, analyzing, and

CPM Logic Requires Thinking & Understanding

26 weeks 3 days ago

Far too many people involved with CPM scheduling at any point in the process really do not understand what CPM logic is telling us and because of this misunderstanding make many logic construction mistakes and misinforms the schedule users and reviewers. Essentially making useless hard to follow schedules. The CPM creator, the CPM reviewer, and the CPM user fail the make proper use of CPM

CPM Logic

Road Trippin’ Organizational Change: The Beginning

28 weeks 2 days ago

Most organizational change efforts do not succeed.  They fail to achieve the desired results.  They are disruptive and sometimes leave the company worse-off.  

An oft-cited statistic is that 70% of organizational change efforts fail.  This metric is attributed to Hammer and Champy’s 1993 classic, 


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