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Resource Critical Path Approach and Reason of Delay to the Rescue

Determine the longest path of a resource leveled schedule in P6

Unfortunately when it comes to resources and resource leveling, P6 model is absolute. P6 doesn’t calculate the float correctly and the longest path will not be accurate since the late and early dates will not change after leveling.

Primavera P6 doesn’t take in consideration the new dates after the leveling in calculating the total float or the longest path, to illustrate further if we have a project consists of three activities A,B & C and they all share the same resource and each activity 5 days duration and the project completion after 15 days.

The Critical Path, Delay Analysis and “Windows” By Roger Gibson

The Critical Path, Delay Analysis and “Windows”

By Roger Gibson

Causation; Construction contracts; Delay; Design defects; Power stations; Remedial works

How to display Multiple Critical path in Primavera P6

In Primavera, when we filter critical path, it only show 1 critical path. In complicated project, we might need to show some more “near critical” path.

I will show you how to do it.

Beyond the Critical Path - the Need for Logic Analysis of Project Schedules

Beyond the Critical Path - the Need for Logic Analysis of Project Schedules

By Thomas Boyle, PE, PSP, PMP

This entry is intended to review the use of the Multiple Float-Path calculation option in Primavera Project Planner (P6) and to offer a brief example of its use compared to BPC Logic Filter.

How to Create a Critical Path using MS Project

"How to Create a Critical Path using MS Project" by Alexander Cartwright


This is a powerpoint presentation file which demonstrated 13 Steps to a Critical Path for a selected element within your schedule.

Resource Critical Path Approach to Project Schedule Management


This is one of the first papers that defined Resource Critical Path, Resource Constrained Activity and Assignment Floats and Success Driven Project Management methodology. RCP and SDPM are compared with Critical Chain definition and methodology.

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