Client side senior planner, Senior Cost Engineer, Planning & Risk Engineer, Shell Exploration & Production, Alaska portfolio

START Date: 
April, 2007
END Date: 
May, 2014

Project Controls Lead:   Worked closely with engineering disciplines to facilitate the gathering of data for schedules, budgets, and risk analysis.  Liaised with supply chain management, risk management, project management, and technology on a regular basis.  Attended upper management meetings for Cost and Schedule Reviews and presentations.  Also prepared and peer reviewed documentation for the Decision Gate process: DG1 Identify/Assess, DG2 Select, DG3 Define, FID, and DG4 Execute.  Prepared monthly reporting in Powerpoint for presentation to upper management.  Supervised the work of three cost engineers and two planning engineers on Arctic projects.  Provided support for staff training and growth.  Visited contractors’ sites to assist and verify contractor reporting requirements.  Witnessed the commissioning of Arctic Containment System and provided onsite support for project controls (Bellingham, WA).  Developed the project control plan and procedure for projects.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling): 
Experience Hours (Cost Management):