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Planning Engineer, CLC Gestion de Projet & Conseil, Various National & International Projects

START Date: 
January, 1995
END Date: 
July, 1998

- ALSTOM TRANSPORT : Set-up of a resource management system for the ATS department (Automatic control Transportation System) of the Signalling buisness.
- ETPM (Now ACERGY) : For EKPE revamping project (125 MUSD budget, full revamping of MOBIL EKPE installations),set-up of the marine operation planning, and follow-up offshore (9 month in Nigeria). Project was used to confirm work hours estimation methods.
- ALSTOM TRANSPORT : Bid Planning manger for Porto Metro project bid (PORTUGAL) and JFK (New-york) automatic subway.
- APHP (Public Hospitals management of Paris region in France) : Deputy site manager for various projects.

Experience Hours (Planning & Scheduling):