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Best/Worst Job

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Lawrence Cuozzo
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To All -

What was the best job you ever had and what was the worst?

For me:

Best - Working as a surveyor in New York City.

Worst - Working as a scheduler on a communications software development project.



Shahul Badhusha
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Hi to all

Best Job - One who is satisfied with what he has and what he does for living

Worst Job - One who feels bad for not being satisfied whatever he does
R. Catalan
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BEST - Part-time job where I was tasked to install electric water heaters along with some plumbing and electrical works when required. I have to take a shower afterwards to check if the device is safe and working and the lady owner or the saleswoman itself will take me out for a date.

WORST - Working in the Procurement Dept. Half of your work is in the hands of other people (suppLIERS, subcons, office support, etc.). You have to beg to get the required info in order to conclude your work.

Best regards,

R. Catalan
Scarllet Pimpernel
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For me

The best job is the job that pay the most. It did not happen to me yet, but, I’m a Christian, so I keep hoping till eternity and till life after death.

The worst job was the job that pay the lowest, working in my homeland (the Philippines) is good example irrespective of whatever position.

Thank you,
Rafael Davila
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For me:

Best – An Officers and NCO Club, where it was fun volunteering for the testing and calibration of the Bar Machine at Uncle Sam expense.

Worst – A job upgrading an existing Waste Water Treatment Plant, no matter how many showers the odor would not go. I even missed the day the inspector fell in a trench full of waste water on an excavation our backhoe operator was excavating, it was a Saturday morning, my day off, I could not enjoy the only fun part of that job.

Best Regards,