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How to Delete Links Using Excel?

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Trevor R Bird
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I have a pipeline project that has reversed direction - see my previous post. I’ve been able to resolve the issue of reversing the start & end chainages and dates for each activity using Excel, and I can add reversed links to Tilos using Excel. However, I have not found a way to delete existing F-S links in Tilos using Excel so they can be replaced by necessary new F-S links. If I do add my new F-S links to the reversed activities circular links are created:(

Any clues on how to delete links using Excel?




Hubert Geier
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Trevor, the problem is that links have no ID’ s and there can be multiple between 2 tasks.

If you import all links using Excel or ASC link, why not delete all before import using the task link list.

I will check if there is a work around.

venkatesh K
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You can use the Successor Relationship Export option from Primavera to Excel and then u delete the activity and import again. hoping it will work.