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Skills & Multi-Resources

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Bogdan Leonte
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It seems that if I create a Multi-Resource which contains skiils, when assigning the M-Res to an activity the quantity of the skill will be reset to 1. For example if I have M-Res 1 comprised of 1 Res A and 2 Res Skill 1, when I assign it to an activity the assignemnt wil consider only 1 Res A and 1 Res Skill 1 and in order to obtain the correct asignment I have to update the contents of the multi-resource before I change the quantity of the M-Res assignment.

Also if I already introduces the quantity of the M-Res, let's say 5, and then update the contents of the M-Res, the quantity of the M-Res in the assignments will not be multipled with the updated R-Skill quantity. This would look like this:

M-Res 1 (Quantity 1) -> 1 Res A, 1 Res Skill 1 (not updated). M-Res 1 (quantity 5) -> 5 Res A, 5 Res Skill 1 (when doing scheduling and peak load calculation).

After updating it will look like this M-Res 1 (Quantity 5) -> 5 Res A, 2 Res Skill 1(when doing scheduling and peak load calculation).

From this point in order to get the corect number for both the Res and Res-Skill I would have to do the following:

1. Set the M-Res 1 quantity to 1, update the M-Res and the change the M-Res assignment quantity back to 5, the to scheduling and peak load calculation.

I don't know if this behaviour was intendent, I just found it a bit strange. If it is intended could someone explain the logic behind it?

Thank you,

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I just want to mention that this issue was fixed.