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Reporting Multi-Resources in an Activity

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Vaughn Edwards
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Joined: 1 May 2008
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Trying to generate a report showing each resource seperate.
When I run the report I get all my resources, but its not showing all the budgeted units. Looks like any activity that has more then one resource assigned to it dosen’t show in the report. Any suggestion?


Rodel Marasigan
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Use Resource Assignment window for printing resources separately.

Note: All material resources will not sum up the qty together with Labor and non-labor resource. You cannot combine qty & hour but if there is equivalent cost for each, use cost and it will sum up all.
David Kelly
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Primavera stores the resource quantity associated with an activity in the resource assigments table AND the activity table. Ouch. So whether you can see subtotals by resource depends which of those tables is the primary one in any report.

For example in the "Resource Assigments"screen you can see each resource as a separate row, but in the "Actvities" screen you can only see one row per activity.