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Cost of Same Resource Working at Multi - Projects

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Amanullah Mughal
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Dear Planners,

A resource is working on different projects A, B & C. As per contract the rate for this particular resource is 10, 20 & 30 US $ / Hr.

Can somebody guide me to define & apply the above rates of same resource assigned to three different projects or activities working at the same time.




Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Amanullah,

It depends on the level of management that you are running.

If you are managing the three projects with three separate programs, then you can assisgn the resource for the same code for each project with different unit rates and different number of hours. You keep tracking of your projects and resources.


Dieter Wambach
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Three ways:

1. you have different rates for a resource in the master data. In the view "Projects" --> Tab resources you can indicate one of the rate types as default - for ALL resources.
2. When you assign a resource, you can select the rate type for each assignment (Column "rate type")
3. When you assign a resource, you can overwrite the rate for each assignment (Column "rate source" must be set to "overwrite")

Hope that helps